10 Fancy and Official Haircuts for professional men

In 2021, it is of the essence to look fancy and classy yet very professional. Men sometimes find it hard to stick to haircuts that look good but unprofessional on them.

The trend of growing a beard coupled with a professional vibe haircut too comes into the picture. Some have found a way to look good either way. But others are still struggling.

In this article, we will be discussing 10 fancy and official haircuts for professional men that will interest you.

But be aware that, we’re only giving you options that you’re free to add your touch to.

  1. Waves & a low fade

The Best Wave Haircuts

A blurry fade, a line-up, and some waves will have you looking just fine. If you have a beard, it could also be trimmed in such a pattern to create a uniform look. And if that isn’t one of the fancy and official haircuts for professional men, then there probably isn’t one…

  1. 360 waves

HB 1 large

This haircut is more clean and close to the scalp. The 360 adds many waves of dimensions to the hair. This is a go-to haircut for men who are looking to be classy yet clean and simple.

  1. High Bald Fade Haircut


This is one of the most common fancy and official haircuts for professional men. It usually has a small afro on the top of the head and fades at the sides. The fades however are in layers. The lower parts are clean to the scalp and towards the afro is a light fade.

  1. Deeper Waves

360 360 wave

This is another version of the 360 waves. Except, this has a lot more hair to create the waves with while the 360 has the hair close to the scalp. It may require frequent conditioning and regular brushing to make the waves stay consistent.

  1. Edge up with a high and low fade

07 edge up and a high low fade features some texture though the hair is pretty short

This haircut consists of a very low fade at the nape, left and right sides of the head. Close to the crown of the head, the fade is a bit higher. The crown of the head however has a bit of an afro that is kinky curly texturized.

This is one of the fancy and official haircuts for professional men that gives a rugged vibe to the man.

  1. Short sponge Twists


This is one of the fancy and official haircuts that have been in trend for professional men. Just like the previous haircut, the short sponge Twists will have more afro on the crown of the head.

This afro is sponge twisted and gives off a bad boy vibe. Although it may not be seen as ultimately professional, many men have found ways to make it work. It all has to do with the hair’s neatness and the freshness of the twists.

  1. Fade & a surgical line


This is a fresh haircut with a low and high fade leaving more hair at the crown of the head. The classical touch to it is the surgical line that runs parallel to the tape up.

  1. Curved flat top

Curved Flat Top Haircut

This is another one of the fancy and official haircuts for professional men. It is what Ghanaian Musician Okyeame Kwame rocks. It is considered a retro hairstyle for men. Before you do it, speak extensively with your hairstylist to know it’ll be the best option for you.

  1. Short Afro and a temple fade

Low Afro Fade Part

This is a haircut with a short afro and a simple fade at the temples and the necklines.


  1. Shaved head

GettyImages 1000368502 e79ac33c710b4f04b14581fdd137f7c4

If you are tired of the numerous haircuts and just don’t know what to do, why don’t you go for a shaved head? A simple shaved head can be deemed one of the fancy and official haircuts for professional men with ease. It’s even greater news if you’ve grown some beard. It’ll be a great compliment to the hair.


We hope that these fancy and official haircuts for professional men are of interest to you and you would try one or two of them.

Thank you for reading and please do well to share with friends and family. You can also comment below and tell us what you think of the hairstyles


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