20 Lovely Good Morning Messages To Send To Him

What is a beautiful relationship without the spice of romance? Does he have to wake up every day to “Battery full”? You say you love him, but how well are you expressing it?

There’s no feeling compared to waking up in the morning to lovely messages from you to him. Expressing how you feel about him in sweet words, leaves him smiling all day. On his lunch break, he’ll read it once again with a goofy smile on his face knowing someone is thinking about him. He will equally go to sleep smiling and hoping for another lovely message in the morning.

This is something we all want to do. But sometimes, we don’t know how well to convey our feelings in writing. It is why we have compiled a list of 20 lovely good morning messages to send to him.

  1. Trust me when I say I’ll choose gold over you anytime, any day. Because I’ll make that gold into a crown. That crown you will wear. A crown that is proof that you rule my heart.
  2. My sweet King, your kingdom is in my heart and your Queen adores the eloquence with which you rule it.
  3. I may not wake up in your arms every morning, but it feels like I do because I know you also woke up wishing I was in your arms.
  4. The beauty of my day begins at the thought of knowing you are mine.
  5. I’m reminded to wake up every morning with a smile on my face because you’re mine.
  6. I now believe there is heaven because it is your heart. Good morning my love.
  7. I only dreamt of a fairytale love but it is now my reality because you made it so. Enjoy your day because you give me my happily ever after every minute of the day.
  8. Can I have you for breakfast today? Please say yes because I woke up hungry and I want to be filled by you. Your naughty princess wishes you a lovely morning.
  9. Whenever I count my blessings, I find myself counting you over and over again. Thank you for being this amazing.
  10. I’m not sure I say this enough. You are my inspiration. You are my motivation. You are the reason I’m never giving up on my dreams. Thank you for being so amazingly supportive. Good morning King.
  11. Good morning handsome, may your day be abundant like the joy reflected in my eyes from loving you. Smile all day knowing someone’s thinking of you.
  12. May this message be a gentle reminder that you’re my most invaluable asset. You’re an investment bringing in dividends every minute. Please smile all day knowing your somebody’s happy bank.
  13. I thought of you all night. It feels like I’m in between dreamland and awake. But in both places, you appear with your heart showing on your sleeve. Full of love for me. This message is to tell you that I love you too. Good morning.
  14. You’re a thief. You stole my heart. You made it home without my consent. I’m happy, however, because I see how you cherish it.
  15. Anybody home? I’m at the door of your heart. Although I have the key, I’m still finding it hard to fathom the idea. So I’ll keep knocking every morning until I believe it. Good morning, knock knock.
  16. It’s chilly. But the thought of you keeps me warm. Warmer than I’ve ever felt before I met you.
  17. I’m not a lucky girl to have you. I’m graced because you bless me with your goofy jokes every day. Read this message as many times as you can today and laugh as if it is the most hilarious joke you’ve ever heard. Good morning.
  18. Whenever I think of you, I’m in awe of your mother. That dangerous woman sure knew what she was doing when she raised you. She groomed the most chivalrous man on earth.
  19. Until we’re able to wake up together every morning, I’m determined to make you feel as if you did wake up to the warmth of me.
  20. Good morning love. Good morning hubby. Good morning boyfriend. Good morning bestie. Good morning sweet. Good morning Zaddy. You’re all these things to me. But I feel like you should be reminded this morning. We wouldn’t want you to slack on your duties. Do we?


Sending him these lovely good morning messages reminds him of how dear he is to you. Affirm your love for him in a few words that won’t cost you a dime. For some men, even the smallest things count.

Share these messages with friends who might want to send them to their men too. It’s all love. Let’s keep sharing for as long as we live.

We’ll be expecting to read your feedbacks when you finally try them out.


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