20 Sweet Names To Give Your Daughter And Their Meanings

20 Sweet Names To Give Your Daughter And Their Meanings

We’re in the 21st century where naming a child is such a careful process. Even before the sex of the child is revealed, parents go looking for beautiful names. For some, they preferred a name that translated their feeling before the pregnancy.

For a baby girl, the process is even more crucial. No parent wants a pretty daughter with an ugly name. And so for months, mothers especially stress over sweet names to give to their daughters and get particular over the meaning.

Since we’re equally such sweet people too, we have compiled a list of 20 sweet names to give your daughter and their meanings.


Luna is number 1 on our list of 20 sweet names to give your daughter because even the sound of it is subtly powerful yet calming and sweet.

Luna simply means moon of Latin heritage and even Italian. The depiction of Luna in Roman art is of a woman driving. It is complemented with Sol, God of the sun.

Luna is a loved baby girl name and of recent, found John Legend and Chrissy Teigen naming their daughter Luna.


Astrid means divinely beautiful in Scandinavian. The name was derived from the name Ástríðr which has an element of old Norse meaning “god” and “beautiful”. It’s a pretty name for your daughter.


Indigo is a name of a vibrant new generation color. But in Greek mythology, the name means an Indian dye.

In a color sense, it means a deep bluish-purple colour. It is nonetheless the perfect name for a special daughter with supernatural abilities. It means your daughter is in her circle of uniqueness.


Parents interested in music, astronomy, or mythology always choose Lyra. It is a constellation name adopted from the lyre of Orpheus. It also contains the star of Vega which is why parents love this name. To them, their daughter is a star.


Although Lilith means a ghost or monster, it is believed that Adam in the bible had a first wife named Lilith who he had rejected. They said because she had refused to obey him, she became a night demon.

Although quite scary, it has become trendy and beautiful. I mean which parent would want their child messed with?


Esme means emerald, beloved, and esteemed. Simple and incredible right?

The name is the past participle form of an old French verb “esmer” which means to esteem or to love.

Wanting a longer name, you might opt for Esmeralda which is a Spanish name.


Sounds incredibly Greek, which it is. It means “most holy”. It was the name of a Cretan goddess of fertility.

Mothers who love Ariana and feel it’s too common to go for Ariadne.


Cora is a lovely, old-fashioned girls’ name and has a trendy vibe to it of recent. It is a simple name to remember and ponder over. Cora is a Greek word that means “maiden”


Wrens are a family of brown passerine birds. They are usually petite birds that are regarded in Ireland as ‘magicians of the birds”.

This is particularly pleasing to the ear name choice for middle names. It sounds vulnerable, yet memorable.


In Greek mythology, Daphne was the daughter of the river god, Peneus. This is a plant name originating from Greek. It means “bay tree or Laurel tree”.


Junipers as plants are low spreading evergreen lush shrubs. Its female seed is quite distinctive with a fleshy and fruit-like essence. It also represented chastity in the old testament.

If you are considering shrub-originated names like Willow, Hazel, and Acacia, then you might want to add Juniper to the list.


Although this name was stigmatized in the Bible, it is recently getting appreciated. Of Hebrew origin, Delilah means Delicate.

Delilah has become trendy for its haunting yet feminine and melodic qualities.


Imogen is a pretty and classic name long fashionable in London. It is a name mostly chosen by quite stylish parents.

The name, according to Celtic origin, means “maiden”.


Persephone is the mythological daughter of Zeus bore by Demeter, the queen of harvest.

Persephone has a light and lyrical aura, and pleasant associations with springtime and the harvest. This is because she was the goddess of spring.

If not Persephone, Proserpina is an equally beautiful name.


Of Latin origin, Sage means wise.  It is a name that sounds flagrantly herbal and connotes wisdom.

According to the Greeks and Romans, Sage leaves when burned, the smoke imparted wisdom. In the tenth century, Arab physicians said that sage brought long and healthy life.

It is the perfect girl name for a healthy and wise daughter.


Harper is a boy name that of sudden trend, turned unisex. It simply means a harp player. It seems a special name for your daughter because of its unpopularity.


Familiar with elves? Avery means ruler of the elves. It is a beautiful name that can be demoted as just “ruler”. It can be an option if you can’t decide on Ava.


Sienna is an Italian place name for the colour orange-red clay. Mothers interested in the complexity of names always go for Sienna. They feel that it keeps people wondering the actual meaning behind the name.


Been meaning to travel to Hawaii? Well, first name your daughter with a Hawaiian origin and see how that goes. Kaia means ‘rejoice or sea’.

Some even say that it is the Kardashianization of the ancient goddess name Caia.


This name is of Greek origin. According to Greek mythology, Nyx was a name of a powerful goddess who was said to have mothered deities like Hypnos(deity of sleep), Erebus(deity of darkness), and Thanatos(deity of death). Nyx is known to have had exceptional power and beauty that had even Zeus in fear and awe.

This is a name you could give to a daughter who would be powerful and beautiful.


Names are very relevant in our culture and the whole world’s culture. You can’t give birth to a child without naming them.

But even so, the name must come with some power and make an impact on the life of the child. Most parents find it difficult to get the right names for their children, due to the millions of names available and the complexity of most of them.

In this article, we looked at 20 sweet names to give your daughter and their meaning. Hopefully, you find some of these names interesting and use them in naming your daughters.

Do you know of any other beautiful names? Let us know in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives.

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