When one faces a rough break up, in most cases it is healthy for one to take a break from dating.

After staying out of the game for enough time, it also reaches a time where one is ready to give it another shot When it comes to dating again, there are several things to remember and here are some of those things.

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1. Think through who you want to date

For one to start dating again, one needs to make sure that their new partners care for them. Don’t find someone who will just be there to fill the void but someone who will make you feel lively in your new relationship.

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2. Keep your friends in mind

Don’t ever forget your friends most especially those that were by your side at your lowest time. Don’t commit in your relationship excessively in a manner that you will end up forgetting everything that your friends did to you.

3. Don’t compare every guy with your ex

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For a woman who has just come out of a breakup, they easily tend to assume that all men are the same. This is one thing that makes women push away better men. For that matter, it is important to not assume that every other man is similar to your ex-partner.


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