4 Interesting ways to reduce stress at home

4 Interesting ways to reduce stress at home

Daily, we get stressed and anxious about many things. According to medical research conducted in the US recently, nearly 70% of all adults have felt stress at one point or the other in their lives.

Stress comes in many forms. It could be a new job sucking out the life in you or a new relationship, or perhaps your family issues or general stuff trying to knock you down. Interestingly, stress has a significant impact on our health as humans.

In fact, stress can cause several mental and physical health issues including depression, personality disorder, high blood pressure, high heart rhythm and stroke among many others.

But how then do you reduce stress to prevent yourself from crossing the dangerous line of stress-related conditions?

In this article, we introduce 4 interesting ways to reduce stress at home.

  1. Light a Candle

Aromatherapy is the use of various scents to treat anxiety. This is a commonly used therapeutical means at various spas and advanced treatment homes. But hey, you can actually do this at home.

To reduce stress, you can buy some fresh-scented candles and light them up in your room. Fully focusing on and inhaling the scent will slowly take away your stress and plunge you into a new feeling of relief.

Some of the most common scents used for this treatment include Rose, Lavender, Orange and Bergamot.

Do you know one more thing? It is very cheap and doesn’t require so much effort. You should include this in your stress-release plans.

  1. Laugh Your Heart Out

Laughing is one of the world’s greatest medications. And it comes at no extra cost to you. Of course, you may have to endure some slight cheek pains and a few Rib racks if you get to laugh too much.

However, it’s always a good idea to laugh through difficult moments or moments when you’re stressed. Today, there are millions of videos available on Youtube and social media platforms that are top-notch laugh-inducers.

Have no second thoughts about this. It is a must to have something to laugh about, whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

  1. Chew a Gum

Chewing in itself is a great way to reduce stress and stay focused. Research shows that people who chewed gum had a greater sense of wellbeing and were less stressed as compared with those who never chewed gums.

Scientifically, chewing gums keeps your brain functioning properly, by sending enough blood to your brain. It also creates a certain wave in your brain, which can only be likened to that of a relaxed person.

So your brain picks up that pulse and interprets it as you bring calm and collected. It works all the time. You should try it.

  1. Play Video Games

Top on our list here is Playing Video Games. Playing video games doesn’t only give you fun, it comes with a lot of brain activity and takes you far away from your stressful world.

It takes your brain on a journey to a virtual world, where you can feel everything falling in line and things moving according to your strategy. This sets you at peace and gives you a perfect atmosphere to recover from the stress.

If you can’t afford to buy gaming devices or download these games on your device, you can play them online via platforms such as offers hundreds of gaming selections from Arcade games to retro pixels, down to pinball, base defence and ultimately Simulation games. These games are super exciting and the website is easy to navigate without too many features to drain your data bundle.

If you’re feeling daring enough, you can try out their Footstar game which is a personal favourite for me.

In this game, you are made to play Freekick in free mode from various parts of the pitch into the goal. As you progress from level to level, the difficulty level of the game increases and you have to adjust accordingly.

You can get their free games here.


 Being stressed and anxious isn’t fun at all. But it gets better if you find an interesting way to get over it and become your usual, bubbly self again.

In this article, we spoke about some of the best and interesting ways to reduce stress at home. Hopefully, these methods are helpful to you and you find your way out of the stressful zone.

Do you know of any other fun ways to release stress at home? Share them with us in the comments box below and don’t forget to share this article with people within your network.

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