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Saturday, December 15, 2018

4 Rules To Keep Your Man

Keeping your man in Ghana and even globally has never been an easy task for women .

No matter how sweet things may appear to be in a relationship, there are boundaries that are best not crossed.

Change and hitting compromises are inevitable but don’t force it down anyone’s throat.

Here are the don’ts if you want to keep him.  It is a free advice by browngh.com and we know some of our cherished readers will thank us later .

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Below are 4 unwritten Rules to keep your man .

1. Mannerisms

If he loves his coffee black, don’t make it white or even push on the advantages of tea.

Remember, you’re are meeting a grown-up man not a child to mould.

Some things are changeable, like keeping the utensils clean.

2. Family and Friends 

No matter what you offer him, he cannot forget his circles just for you. Family and friends are irreplaceable, don’t make him feel withdrawn.

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No matter the bond, a brother or a childhood friend is so huge an investment to forgo for you.

3. Time

Time is crucial for partners but hey, you can’t be in his vicinity throughout.

Time for personal ventures should never be messed up with. If you become too much, he will be reluctant and may ultimately leave you to have his life.

4. Limits

Everyone has no-go zones. As much openness is glorified, everyone has their personal life that should be left that way, personal.

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You cannot be going through his diary demanding a full-time explanation. You’re not a high school principal, let the person be.


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