4 Visa-Free countries for Ghana passport holders

4 Visa-Free countries for Ghana passport holders

Is it your intention to travel for a few months without stress?

Do you have a work leave coming up and you don’t know where to go?

Are you wondering about a country you could travel to without a visa?

If you are here for any of these reasons, then you’re at the right place.

The stress associated with acquiring a visa to visit a country of your choice is no joke.

Again,  there’s also the surprise of how quickly a friend travels out of the country and you wonder what you did wrong.

The goal of this article is to enlighten you on 4 Visa-Free countries for Ghanaian passport holders.

Come with us and read about 4 Visa-Free countries for passport holders in Ghana.


Fun fact: Barbados is loved for its tropical beaches, the surfing crowd the waves attract and the land of flying fish. It is also the origin of rum and the origin of megastar Rihanna.

Barbados is visa-free to passport-holding Ghanaians for a 180 days stay(six months). The only thing is that, once you intend to stay for six months, be sure that your passport would still be valid until then.

Also, it is allowed to apply for an extension of stay if you still need to stay.

It is required that individuals below 18 submit a letter of authorization from a parent or guardian.

The Crop Over Caribbean Carnival is a wonderful touch to Barbados being visa-free.

If your dream vacation is just a few months away, then you need to renew your passport now and get ready to plan that beautiful trip to Barbados.

This is surely one of the top Visa-Free countries for Ghana passport holders.


If there’s another visa-free country a Ghanian passport holder is entitled to visit to see the second-largest boiling lake in the world, then it is Dominica.

This country is where you should be if you intend to resonate with nature.

Known to be the nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica has volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, and about two-thirds of the country is covered in rainforests.

Once you have a six months valid passport with two blank pages for visa stamps on arrival in Dominica and proof of sufficient funds for accommodation, you’re good to go.

One also needs all the required vaccinations and in 22 hours of being on a direct flight, you’ll safely arrive in Roseau.

Dominica is one of the visa-free countries for Ghana passport holders and an adventure seeker’s paradise.


Did you know that the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka is the most densely populated city on earth? This would explain why traffic is a headache but it is a good location to let loose and visit places on your free visa.

While there, you could visit the world’s largest river delta on your 90-day free visa. Although Bangladesh only validates a free stay of 3 months, they require that visitors’ passports are valid for six months and have a blank page for stamps.

You’d also need to provide proof for your accommodation. With all your vaccinations done, one could arrive in Dhaka city on a direct flight in 12 to 13 hours.


Fiji is a country in the southern part of the pacific ocean, near Australia and New Zealand.

The country of over 300 tropical islands is visa-free to passport holders in Ghana.

The breathtaking sunshine country is known for its stylish method of cooking underground which is named Lovo.

Fiji has beautiful award-winning resorts for a romantic getaway or a  family bonding trip.

A Ghanaian passport holder after showing proof of accommodation arrangements, a return ticket, and the right vaccinations is entitled to a 120 days stay in Fiji.

Final Words

If your country of choice to visit isn’t on the list, please don’t be heartbroken because there is more.

Since the Ghanaian passport ranks 80th in travel freedom, Ghanaian passport holders are entitled to 64 countries without a visa.

Although the duration differs and goes as low as just a two weeks stay in some Countries, it is still a blessing that you wouldn’t have to hustle for a visa.

If you’ve taken us up on any of the options above, do comment below and gist us on your experiences.

Got any more countries to add to our list of top visa-free countries for Ghana passport holders?

We always love to read from you. Kindly do well to share this article with your relatives.

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