5 Tips to make your job search easier

1. Be a top performer at your current job:

If you’re searching for a job while you’re working at another position, you should maintain a good working relationship with your managers and coworkers. When you gain a reputation as a hardworking professional who is willing to help coworkers, your references will have good things to say about you. If you’re a top performer, you can also list any awards or achievements on your resume. For example, a salesperson could mention that their sales statistics have been in the top 10% for the past six months.

2. Apply even if you’re not a perfect fit:

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Many people underestimate their value to employers. They assume that only applicants who can meet every qualification get interviews. Many businesses need to fill vacant positions quickly, and they don’t have time to search for candidates that have all the qualifications on a job listing. Companies may accept practical experience instead of a degree in the industry. Some employers also provide on-the-job training for those who may need to develop a new skill to complete certain tasks.

3. Update and customize your resume:

Before you start applying to jobs, add any new skills, achievements or awards to your resume. You should also revise your objective or summary. Look at the job description and the company’s website to find keywords to use in your resume. This can keep your application from being eliminated before someone reads it.

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4. Network:

Using your contacts can let you find and apply for jobs that employers aren’t advertising yet. You should tell friends, family members, and former coworkers that you’re searching for a job. You could discover a position that fits your needs just by speaking to an acquaintance. If possible, attend networking events in your industry.

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5. Visit employers in person:

You should visit companies in your area to ask about open positions. If they’re not hiring, ask to drop off your resume and leave your contact information. This demonstrates your interest in the job, makes you more memorable, and helps your application stand out.

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