5 Trendy Hairstyles for young Women 2021

5 Trendy Hairstyles for young Women 2021

Hair is quite vital to a woman. Whether it is a simple braid or low cut, hair is a plus to beauty.

Although hair is supposed to be soft tiny fibres that cover the majority of the skin surface except for the palm, the sole of the feet, the lips, the eyelids, and the areas between the fingers and the toes to give warmth, it is something more bordering on beauty.

But hair is so much more in this 21st century. Women choose different hairstyles to reflect current trends and class.

Nonetheless, it can be hard to ascertain what hair is trendy and what is not.  In this article, we take a look at 5 trending hairstyles for young women.

Although we are aiming for trendy, we are also targeting protective hairstyles that would affect your hair’s health.

No unnecessary breakages, no unhealthy scalp conditions, and mostly, no loss of frontal hairlines. We might even be confident enough to say that getting these styles to come at moderate prices.

  1. Low Cut

609530df 5130 4634 8e08 0b9fe464ad04This is one of the trendy hairstyles for young women that comes and goes. Usually, you would find women with defined facial features rocking it. The high cheekbones, the pointed noses make it easier to rock.

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This trend has come back this time, favouring just everyone.

Who should go for a low cut? We think that if you are a busy woman or one that doesn’t like spending too much time on your hair, you can go for this. Go crazy a little with colouring and you’re the bomb in town.

Although a simple hairstyle, you don’t have to go over the top to turn heads. Light makeup and small stud earrings would do.

  1. Short bulb Cut

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Our African hair has volume. It tries to retain that even when we use chemical relaxers like Dark and Lovely, Maxim, BO-16, UB, and many more to make the hair chemically straight.

This chemically straight hair can get boring sometimes. But what if you can add a flair to it. Get a short bulb Cut from a hairstylist that is experienced.

If your hair isn’t voluminous, you can insert a hair extension that best matches your hair colour and texture. This is one of the trendy hairstyles for young women to get heads turning.


  1. Afro Kinky Protective Hairstyles

83a196d7 d9d2 4332 b809 139c0226c4ecBetter known as the natural hair in our part of the world, it can be quite challenging hair to keep. It takes a while before you finally know what works best for the hair. But as you’re still trying to figure that out, it is essential to know that your afro Kinky hair needs a break sometimes.

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We always have weaved-on hairstyles, long braids, right cornrows on. But why don’t you give your hair an overdue break with styles that are afro Kinky but trendy? Hairstyles that protect the hair against breakages and the further loss of your frontal hairlines.

  1. Faux Locks

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The conversation of dreadlocks is becoming welcoming in our society. It has also become one of the leading trendy hairstyles for young women and ladies are jumping in to lock their hair.

However, most people aren’t comfortable with the idea of having the same hair for months, not talking of years. So faux locks were invented to be the solution.

Faux locks are incredibly breathtaking with beautiful hair accessories to compliment them. You can keep them for as long as you want.

Thankfully enough, Faux locks is a great protective hairstyle whether you have afro Kinky or chemically straight hair.

  1. Braids
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448551ab b67e 4105 9133 dd03d3fd768bBraids have always been the go-to hair for women. It is one of the top trendy hairstyles for young women because it’s trendy all year round.

Braids can be cornrows, twists, water curls, Crochet, and a lot more that can be rocked anyhow deemed fit.

It is a great choice of hairstyle because it can easily be styled and kept for as long as you want. When it gets itchy, a little Spirit on cotton can be used to clean the scalp. You can also use scalp oils to keep the scalp looking fresh and healthy.


Quick advice: Getting braids consistently does not help the hair’s health. It may affect your frontal hairlines and render your scalp comfortless. Learn to coordinate between the braids and protective hairstyles.

No matter any of these 5 trendy hairstyles for young women that you would choose, it would not be complete without a Smile.

Please do us another favour by walking with your head held up high.

You’re beautiful.

Feel it.

Believe it.

Rock it.

Live it.

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