'Alien' figure with long limbs seen walking along bridge in the middle of the night (video)

A strange alien-like figure has been spotted strolling along a bridge in the middle of the night in India.

The unusual creature was naked as it was filmed on Friday, May 28, walking on the newly-constructed bridge near Chadwa Dam in the Hazaribagh area, Jharkland, eastern India.

In the video, the creature with long arms and legs, pale white skin, and a skinny torso is seen walking in the middle of the road as motorcyclists swerve out of the way to avoid the figure.

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The figure then stops and stares at them, before continuing its slow walk.


People have been arguing on Twitter, with some saying it’s a ghost, others said it’s an alien, and some opined that it was just a naked human.

Watch the video below:


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