“If another guy chop your girlfriend because of money, it’s not cheating, it’s a wake up call”- Shatta Bundle

"If another guy chop your girlfriend because of money, it's not cheating, it's a wake up call"- Shatta Bundle
Shatta Bundle

Born Firdaus Iddrissu aka Shatta Bundle has differentiated between cheating and a wake call while using a relationship as an example.

In a post on one of his online portals, the self-acclaimed billionaire said that when another guy uses his financial powers to influence another guy’s girlfriend and get her to bed, it is not termed as cheating.

According to him, situations like these are called wake-up calls.

In his opinion, the guy who used his money to chop the other’s girlfriend is just telling him to be up and doing.

Shatta Bundle said that such situations shouldn’t trigger heartbreaks, instead, they should motivate one to struggle and hustle for money.

In a wider spectrum, Shatta Bundle is making nothing but a huge sense.

Instead of fighting your girlfriend for choosing another guy over you, hustle and get money because if not for money, your girlfriend wouldn’t have dumped you for another guy.


See the screenshot below;

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  1. No sense. Being under privilege does not mean one is lazy or not doing enough.
    Even the rich and privileged are not all equal. Should a richer person go after the woman of a less rich person?
    The best response to such situations must be a ‘bed of roses’ for the man and the woman.

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