Well, www.browngh.com has over the years wondered how difficult it will be for the youth to choose between sex, money and heaven if they are given the chance to choose only two out of the three.

The youth has currently developed a special appetite for money which has triggered many to kill their colleagues for rituals while others engage in illegal ways to make money just to make a way for themselves on the street.

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Sex on the other hand has become a norm in our daily lives. It is mostly practiced among the youth day in and out. It is no brainier that cheating and relationship collapsing have become rampant in the nation. One major reason behind this will always be special apprehension for sex irrespective of the person’s status. It will be extremely hard to forgo sex in our daily lives.

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Considering how religious Ghana is, will it be possible for anyone out there to cancel heavenly out of his or her life? I’m not sure I will get a yes as the answer. Even though we sin almost every day, it is our greatest desire that we will all one day make it to heaven.

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Well, the exercise we are carrying out is very simple and snappy, between sex heaven and a sum of ten million dollars, which one will you cancel out of your life if you are allowed to choose only two.

Be sincere to yourself and your soul and drop your comment in the comment box below.


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