Home News CCTV footage of Jamestown Bullion van robbery emerges online

CCTV footage of Jamestown Bullion van robbery emerges online

CCTV footage of Jamestown Bullion van robbery emerges online
The robbers fleeing the scene

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of the deadly armed robbery attack which occurred at Adedenkpo-Jamestown in Accra has finally popped up.

The images show how the armed robbers executed the robbery around 11:00 am on Monday,14th June 2021.

Deducing from the footage, the gang of 6 who were on three motorbikes started trailing the white Bullion van from Abossey Okai heading towards Korle Bu Mortuary road.

The armed robbers at the Laterbiokoshie traffic light which is around the Old Nkrumah flats and Bishop Bowers pretended to be Okada riders going about their normal business.

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The robbers who hid their weapons took cover behind some commercial and private vehicle to avoid suspicion from onlookers.

The robbers could also be seen in another shot at the Korle Bu junction traffic light branching the direction of the Van which was heading towards Jamestown.

The Bullion van at Adedenkpo took an unusual route where the robbers took advantage of it to execute their plan.

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One of the bikers quickly drove past the bullion van to stop at the intersection while the other drew closer to the van.

The armed robbers fired warning shots to scare onlookers away before they shot to kill the policeman in the front seat.

At this point, the 6 robbers seized and raided the van robbing it of its cash.

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An onlooker identified as Afua Badu was shot dead by one of the robbers after she tried to raise an alarm of the robbery attack.

The armed robbers quickly escaped the scene as they kept firing warning shots as they drove towards the Korle Bu route.

See the images of the CCTV footage below:

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The robbers captured at Laterbiokoshie traffic light following the van
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The robbers branching at Korle Bu Junction traffic light
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The robbers about to execute their plan
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The robbers fleeing the scene