DJ Advicer Biography, Family and Cause of Death

Dj Advicer made sure he lived by his word. He would say “There can be no DJs without musicians and no musicians without DJs’. And so no matter how little platform Advicer got, he made sure to promote musicians that needed the limelight. He always had an eye for talent and he was never scared to bet his last on someone he believed in.

Dj Advicer was born Isaac De-Graft Danquah in Accra. Not certain of his basic school education, he is said to have attended Adisadel College where he started getting groomed for the media.

Isaac got a job at Happy FM hosting the Ayeekoo After Drive weekday show and as a Disc Jockey. Unlike many Ghanaians who woke up to work a job they didn’t love, Dj Advicer was at a place he called home. Working there provided him with the platform to promote as much talent as he could.

Being a true gem and visionary, he could always tell who would go far. He discovered talents and helped them become a better version of themselves. The part of his support that the public knew was how he would constantly play songs until they became a hit. He was mainly the promoter of fast-rising artists.

His eloquence in turntabling was always a sight to behold. But also, it proved to these upcoming artists that Danquah knew his way around the job. That he was the best person to get them heard.

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His passion for the job soon paid off and he won the Record Promoter of the Year four times in a row at the Ghana DJ Awards event. He joyfully said that he had come supporting everyone else that had been nominated for the awards. He was a vibrant soul that was happy no matter who was winning.

Per his name “Advicer”, it was clear that he was the brutally honest friend in the group. The friend who advised duly with love. Because he was open-minded, he was free to talk to and never held back his honest advice.

This character of his showed in all his interviews. People trusted him enough to be themselves, almost forgetting they were on air. Fans attested to the fact that musician Fantana was almost in tears baring her heart out to Isaac De-Graft Danquah. When the 8-year-old Poet, Nakeeyat had an interview with him, she disclosed that she needed help from Ghanaians to buy a car for her day-to-day activities. Dj Advicer quickly encouraged the idea and asked for an account to be set up towards the achievement.

He was always that generous as the wife would later eulogize.

He met Ida and in 2014, made her a proud wife. Isaac had constantly kept his life private but in this event, he planned to make it the talk of the town. He never judged those that loved western-style weddings. However, he would rather go for the more traditional vibe.

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” I wanted to get away from the European kind of weddings and be more Ghanaian which is beautiful, that is the reason for the Kente touch” was his response to the gorgeous traditional setup.

Dj Advicer was a choirmaster. And this he intended to show off. Isaac and Ida asked for Flavour’s Ada Ada song for their first dance. While dancing, Isaac sang his heart out word for word. And of course, his colleagues and old friends from school were in attendance to share in his celebration.

He was a passionate Dj, a Promoter, a colleague, a son who just became a husband. But everyone knew that he was going to show more dedication to this new life of his.

But on the 17th of February, Wei Ye Oteng, a beatmaker and an obvious close friend of Dj Advicer went on Facebook to reveal what was in his mind. He wrote, “When last did u hear from Advicer? Well if he’s ur friend too, pls check on him. Let’s be our brother’s keeper and share love now when our loved ones can see. Don’t push me”.

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This information urged people to remember Dj Advicer who was apparently in the 37 Military Hospital in prayers.

Sadly, the news of the death of Dj Advicer was heard on the 3rd of March 2021. The management of Global Media Alliance Group, family, friends, and fans grieved him. It was only disclosed that Isaac had lost his life to a short complicated ailment that only lasted a month.

Ida De-Danquah paid her last respects to her husband by telling him how generous of a man he was. She talked about how captivating his vast knowledge and experience, remarkable humility, and sense of humour were of her.

Isaac De-Graft Danquah died a husband, a son, a colleague and amongst all other things, a role model.


The phrase “life is short ” is quite underrated. The life Isaac De-Graft Danquah lived on earth is an example to all.

He was lively, passionate about what he believed in, supportive, brutally honest, never looking down on anyone, and lively about life. As if he knew his days were short, he made sure to enjoy his days with loved ones surrounding him.

If you ever ask for an example of how every young person should be, then perhaps, DJ Advicer was a perfect answer.

How well do you know him? Leave some tributes for him in the comments box below.


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