Eddys Pizza Promotion Days: Don’t Miss Out on Special Offers

Eddys Pizza Promotion Days

Eddys Pizza offers a number of incentives to energize and uplift its patrons. These sales take place all year long.

These are Eddys Pizza promotion days:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you get a second pizza for free when you purchase one.

Every Thursday, you get a free burger whenever you eat one of their rice dishes.

Eddys Pizza has been in business for a considerable period of time, during which they have continuously expanded their presence across the country by opening new branches.

Eddys Pizza has made significant advancements in the nation. by paying taxes to Ghana and hiring staff at all of their branches.

Even though some of its locations now go by the moniker Cheezzy Pizza, we can still anticipate Eddys Pizza expanding over the rest of the nation. So, everyone outside of Accra can anticipate the opening of an Eddys Pizza location shortly.


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