Close all the witchcraft camps in the nation, there's nothing like witchcraft, it is just a mindset — Kennedy Agyapong to govt
Kennedy Agyapong

Controversial Ghanaian politician, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has advised the youth to stop shifting blames on witches if they do not succeed in life.

According to the MP for Assin Central, people should be bold and take responsibility for their failures instead of blaming witches and devils.

In his opinion, witches do not exist and so if anybody blames them for their failure in life, it sounds weird in his ears.

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He advised that any individual who wants to have a successful life should have hard work as his or her hallmark rather than going to church daily and depending on a pastor.

“There is no witch anywhere; when you fail in life and you attribute it to your mother, father but when you were smoking jar, was your grandmother there. When you were stealing from your boss, were they there,” he said.

Adding that “If there were witches, I would have been dead by now because I run my mouth”.

Meanwhile, Kennedy Agyapong advised that instead of going to church and trusting pastors, believe and trust in the supreme being (God).

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 “When I go to bed I don’t know where my spirit goes but I know there’s a superior being and he is God, who will not make anyone toil in vain.”


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