You are a failure if you are 35 and still stay with your parent or family house – Nigel Gaisie

You are a failure if you are 35 and still stay with your parent or family house - Nigel Gaisie
Nigel Gaisie

Founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has noted that any being who lives with his or her parent or family compound at mid 30 is a true definition of failure.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie listed conditions that one finds himself/herself which amounts to a failure in the person’s life.

According to him, anybody who falls under the list is a failure with no doubt.

He mentioned that anyone who’s 35yrs and still stays with their parents is a total failure.

In addition, he said anyone who’s 25 and keeps multiple partners is a failure.

He listed 10 things that he described as a failure if anyone falls under any.


1.You are a failure if at 35 you’re still staying with your parents or family compound
2. You are a failure if you’re waiting for a government before you start something with your life.
3. You’re a failure if all you think about is waiting to be fed by others, regardless of your circumstances, you can start something.
4.You’re a failure if you keep repeating mistakes in the name of human weakness.
5.You’re a failure if at age 25 you still keep multiple sexual partners and fancy certain party hang out merry.
6.You’re a colossal failure if you still believe life begins @40, check the world around you, Youngsters are taking over.
7.You’re a failure if @ 40 certain family relations can’t reach out to you for help .
8.You’re a family if you’re still following the pattern of your parents, that led to their distraction.
9.You’re a failure if all you don’t think well about people,(speak well about people)
10.You’re a failure as a parent, if your children are not greater than you or perhaps on almost the same scale…..Dont miss RESTORATIONNIGHTVIGIL…PNG.”

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