FixTheCountry: Western regional cultural center now Rev Obofour's APC branch

In the wake of the fix the country saga,’s correspondent in Takoradi has made it known to us that the city’s cultural center which is supposed to be a place for art and culture has now been converted into a place where religious programs are hosted.

Currently, the place hosts Anointed Palace Chapel congregants every Sunday and it is said to be the Takoradi branch for the church.

Also, other pastors who have registered their names in the pastoral work in Accra and Kumasi get their programs hosted in the building each time they visit the region since they do not have a brand here.

However, the place looks as dirty as the cemetery as if nobody takes care of it.

Meanwhile, we are reliably told that each time the place is hired, money is paid into the accounts of authorities but no maintenance or revolution goes on at the place.

The multi-billion-dollar is asking is, who is in charge of the place? Who takes the money when the place is hired?



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