GUYS!! Can you allow your partner to go on date with an opposite sex?

Hello guys,

A friend of mine was telling me earlier today about how open he and his girlfriend are in their relationship.

He said they tell each other anything and he trusts her 100 percent.

Well, I don’t have a problem in trusting your partner but what surprised me was when he said she told him she’s going on a date with one of her colleagues at work and he doesn’t see a problem with that.

I told him he has been watching Hollywood too much, for me, I can’t allow that unless we are all going together.

We asked another friend of ours and he said no big deal in it that it’s just a date.

So I decided to bring this for you guys and ask for your opinion on this.

Can You Allow Your Partner To Go On A Date With An Opposite Sex?

Answer with all sincerity.


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