He strangled me until I passed out during violent s-x – Ex-girlfriend of Andrew Tate says

The ex-girlfriend, of self-acclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate, has alleged that she was strangled to the point she couldn’t breathe and passed out during violent sex.

The British woman who described Andrew Tate as a narcissist stated that she was charmed by her ex-boyfriend who made her work for his webcam business as he controlled and coerced her.

36-year-old Tate was arrested alongside his brother, Tristan, 34, in December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organized crime group to exploit women.

According to reports, the two brothers were said to have entrapped these women by seducing them and pretending to have a relationship with them or even marry them. The prosecutor stated that the victims after falling into the trap of these two brothers were made to work in the Adult entertainment chat rooms of Tate’s brother.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s File on 4 programs, the British woman, referred to as Sophie to protect her identity, said Tate slapped her and became violent during sex where she later passed out.

Sophie told the program that the pair met through Facebook and at first, he charmed her. After talking for a while online she arranged to visit him at his home in Bucharest and soon became his girlfriend.

Despite saying no, Sophie said he would repeatedly say: ‘If you love me, you would do it,’ and this started to ‘chip away’ at her over time to think that ‘maybe he’s right’.

She said she felt coerced and worried that if she refused, she might lose him.

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