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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Here Are 3 Tricks Women Use To Trap Men Into Marrying Them

A woman can do anything possible to trap a man into marrying her if at all she feels he should marry her.

She chooses to employ trickery to make sure she gets what she wants.

Here are three main tricks women use to trap men into marrying them;

1. Become pregnant for them

This is a common trick, especially with desperate women.

The easiest way a woman would hold down a man is by getting pregnant for him.

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With this, the man would be forced to start marriage plans, although nowadays some men don’t care about pregnancy.

2. They falsely claim virginity

Some women use their ‘virginity’ to trap men into marrying them.

All she does is lie to the man that she is a virgin and would only love to break it once she is married and nothing else.

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And since men love virgins, he falls into the trap and ends up marrying her.

The problem comes when he realises he had been tricked.

3. Introduce herself to his parents to seek their recommendation

Some women also choose to be good to the man’s parents so she can win their love and get recommended.

Once his parents start loving her, they push him to marry her, and that’s how it goes.

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