‘How sport bet ruined and destroyed me for 7 years’-Man sadly recounts

How sport bet ruined and destroyed me for 7 years-Man sadly recounts

A man has sadly recounted how sports bet/betting destroyed his life for 7 years.

The man who claims he has lost everything because of sports bet took to popular Nigerian forum to tell his story.

Read the man’s full story below:

“This is a lil story about my 7 years deep addiction to sport bet and in this 7 years I lost everything when I mean everything

and I beg you in whatever you hold dear, I beg you in your mother’s name, I beg you in your child’s innocent life, I beg you in whichever God you pray too if you’re in sport bet or about to start or no matter how far you have gone you can still stop so you don’t lose everything like I did before I got my salvation

I was 18 in 2014 and I had just finished from secondary school and Because I loved football so much anything about football intrigued me

I remember writing my jamb and came out in flying colors (260) and I was to proceed to take my post utme when I first found and heard about sport betting

Then it was Rapido I think and Nairabet. It started as fun, just wanting to waste that 100 in excitement of what you loved and I remembered my first winning of 14k ( I wished I never won that)

That 14k I won hooked me in till February of this year and because my close knit friends knew I won that 14k and my love for football they always asked me to “forcast” games for them

I was so hooked to sport bet that my spiritual life suffered because I stopped thinking about God all I wanted was to win that imaginary millions

I remember passing my utme and Mom was happy I passed my utme as all she wanted was for me to have a quality education

Unfortunately life happened and I couldn’t proceed to school again as there was no sponsor so I had to get a job in apapa wharf

I was the quiet type, I never drank or smoked or womanize , I don’t even talk much unless in my line of duty but all I did was sport bet. I was paid 85k per month because my job was high risk but before I get my salary I would have used it all on sport bet

One thing I never did was steal or lie or use someone’s else’s money to play sport bet but I was so addicted to this demon called sport bet

From 2016 when I started working in apapa wharf till we were made to stop working because of the pandemic last year I Lost everything I had and worked for due to sport bet

I always dressed well, even till date I still dress well with neat and good cloths so you never know but in between those clothes I was suffering, I was crying each day because I knew I was wasting away

I have never taken cocaine or no the effect it has on those addicted to it but I can tell you nothing beats that of sports bet

I would cry after each lose and say no more but the moment I got another money I was in it again

The bet9ja guy in my neighborhood could allow me play games up to 100k because he knows I would pay him when I get my salary. Each night I prayed and cried to stop this but I was never able to

I rather play sport bet than eat, I knew I was destroying my life but I couldn’t stop

I was a good guy, a loyal guy, my boss loved me because I was hard working so he dashes me money but I never saved any, all I did was sport bet

I remember after the first week the pandemic was eased I went to him and told him I had a problem and he asked what’s the problem and I told him you are like a father to me so I feel comfortable telling you this( I thought after 4 year’s a loyal worker can see a boss as a father), I need help because I’m addicted to sport bet. Then he asked me questions upon questions and I was sincere to each of his questions and he asked me if I had any savings left I told him no that sport bet took everything, he asked if I have ever stolen from him I told him if I did Mr shonibare the auditor would have known but after that he changed drastically

It was after that incident of me telling him I needed help I lost my job.

I was told because of the effect of the pandemic I had to stop coming that I would be called back but it’s More than a year I haven’t been called but I blame me telling him I was addicted to sport bet

All I wanted was just help

Then I had no job again and had a mouth to feed so I decided to start working as a labourer or doing any menial Job just to survive ( one thing about me was I was hard working and never derelict in my work or hustle) but guess what I never stopped playing sport bet because I wanted that imaginary millions

I would be paid 1500 as a labourer and 1000 would surely go to sport bet that same day and I would eat with 500 and I didn’t win

No one knew I was in bondage, no one knew I lost my job because each morning I would dress neat and go do labourer and come home neat like I was coming from apapa, no one knew I was dying slowly due to my addiction

I can’t begin to mention in naira how much I lost but thank God today made it 4 months I last played sport bet and I remembered how I stopped

It was a game I was suppose to win 1.8M with a stake of 1500 which was my last money and Liverpool vs Fulham was the last game and I staked it over 1.5 goals and I was excited because Fulham scored in the first half and I said at Last I finally won today and would get a car to do Uber and stop this finally but guess what it ended 1-0 and oh I cried, I cried aloud, I cried and yelled and gnashed my teeth like a woman crying to bring forth a child or like when Mom died, I cried so loud my tenants came and I told them my brother died but that day was my day of salvation

I cried so much ehh and In my tears i prayed to my mother this time around to come and deliver me as I was overwhelmed and needed help and I slept hungry that day because I had no money and I had used my last money to bet and in my dream I remembered I was choking so I vomited I think 50k and a palatable food and in the dream I wanted to take the money and food to eat but I had a voice. Oh I had that voice I hadn’t heard for years and she called me my native name that only she did and I looked up and I saw my Mom from afar and she said don’t touch it and go back now, but I said to her I was broke and hungry and she said do you want to touch or carry back your vomit? And I said no and she said now go back and I turned and Immediately I woke up I knew I had won but I knew I still had to play my own part to win finally

I went out from all the telegram betting group I belonged too, deactivated my nairaland account because I was always in the bet section, deactivated all of my bet site account

I remembered I didn’t play for 3 days and I had 3k saved for the first time in months and I got on Twitter and I saw a guy saying a game is sure and the devil wanted to play with my mind but guess what that same day I had to sale my phone so I don’t think or see anything about football , I packed up my DStv and TV not to watch football and see the advert of any sport betting company and for the first time in almost 7 years I went a week without sport bet WOW I was happy. the following week passed and another and another and the money I sold my phone with I didn’t touch it, I had saved like 15k from my working as a menial labourer and I got another phone and I thought I was gonna fall but this morning Made it 6 weeks that I got a new phone and I haven’t played or logged in to any betting site thank you Jesus

Last night I had to go to Instagram because I was feeling sad because of everything I had lost and i saw my best friend picture, I felt so sad, I cried my eyes because we are Miles apart, he doesn’t call or text again and I understand I was useless, I was the brilliant one that fell, I was the lil innocent quiet handsome one that lost his easy due to sport bet

He looked so good and I blamed my self for everything but I’m in the road to recovery

Sport bet Made me lose my job, my mom, my peace, all of my savings, my friends because I couldn’t compete with them financially as I was always broke but thank God today I have a New beginning and a fresh start. I know things are so hard right now but I feel like a fresh Man, a Man born again, a Man like a new born. It’s almost or More than 90 days now since i last played sport bet and oh I have peace, lol I have such peace, yes occasionally when I don’t have somewhere to work or when I’m lonely and think of where I should be I sigh but I say Thank you Jesus, thank you my savior

Please I beg you, sport bet would destroy you, sport bet would end you, sport bet would make you so useless, sport bet would would take everything from you, sport bet would make you lose everything you worked for, sport bet would make you become so isolated. Please stop now. I know it’s hard, very hard I have been there but if I can do it I swear you can, I have lost 300k in a day before and the next day I had 2k and lost it again. Please sport bet is devilish and a destiny destroyer. You can’t win them, Come out of nairaland for a while if you have too, come out of Twitter if you have too, anything that makes you think about it I’m begging you now please come out of it. Just like yesterday I was 18, now I’m 25, broke, lost everything but it’s fine I would rise again. Don’t be like me ok

Thank you and God bless us all for reading”

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