How to get a Taxpayer Identification Number in Ghana

How to get a Taxpayer Identification Number in Ghana

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) first of all is an 11-digit number generated by the Ghana Revenue Authority for persons and corporate entities upon application. The essence of TIN is to broaden the tax net and enhance tax compliance.

Here, we take a look at how you can obtain your TIN in Ghana, what is required and who can apply for it.

Kindly stick with us as we take you through.


Apart from enhancing tax compliance, the TIN  is needed for business registration and for property registration too.

If you intend to invest in importation, then TIN should be on your list of plans because it is a requirement for importation.

The taxpayer identification number or TIN  is required for transactions between you and the following entities.

  1. The Controller and Accountant General’s Department.
  2. The Domestic Tax Revenue Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority.
  3. The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority.
  4. District Assemblies.
  5. The Registrar General’s Department.
  6. All public institutions that are under this legislation.


You are qualified to apply for a TIN if you belong to any of the following sets of people:

  1. Anyone who earns income in Ghana.
  2. Anyone who wishes to buy commercial quantities of goods from a port or a factory.
  3. All individuals requiring a tax clearance certificate.
  4. Individuals interested in registering and documenting their properties.
  5. Individuals requiring legal permits from the district assembly for a specific purpose.
  6. Anyone who intends to receive payment from the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.
  7. Individuals wishing to register their business at the Registrar General’s Department.


If you tick any of the boxes under the previous sub-heading, then it’s time now for us to go into the details of applying for your Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN). See below the required information for applying:

  1. First name and last name
  2. A working email address
  3. Scanned colour copy of your identity card in PDF, gif, jpg, jpeg which shouldn’t be more than 1MB in size.
  4. Online registration requires valid identification cards like a Driver’s Licence, Ghana card, or Voter’s identification card.

Please note that a passport document is no longer accepted in the taxpayer’s identification number registration.


Aside from the services that require the use of the Taxpayers Identification Number as mentioned under the previous headings, there are some other uses of this number. Check them out below:

  1. The taxpayer’s identification number is required to obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate from Custom Excise and Preventive Service, Value Added Tax Service, and Internal Revenue Service.
  2. The taxpayer’s identification number is needed for obtaining business permits from the Registrar’s Department or the District Assembly.
  3. Is also needed for obtaining a Ghana card from the National Identification Authority.


Now, to the details. Once you have all the required documents and you qualify to register for the TIN, kindly follow the few steps below to acquire yours as soon as possible. The process is now very seamless and you can get your number very quickly.

  1. Visit the Ghana Revenue Authority portal online.
  2. Provide your basic details and choose a password.
  3. Attach a colour scanned copy of your identification card.
  4. Click on register and wait as your application is submitted.
  5. A link to confirm the process would be sent to your email.
  6. A success message will be sent to you once your verification is confirmed. You are at liberty to print a copy of your submitted details for future reference.
  7. The system then generates an email that provides you with further information on the registration process. There will be a link to follow to gain the taxpayer’s identification number.
  8. Follow the URL
  9. Fill in your email and the new generated password.
  10. Fill in the Personal details, individual summary, tax and identification information, employment, contact, and address details in the tabs provided. Save and proceed.

You should get your TIN soon after this process is done. As simple as that.


Registration with the National Identification Authority card would enable you to receive your taxpayer’s identification number within a minute.

Pick up your taxpayer identification number from any of the Ghana Revenue Authority offices close to you in 14 days if you registered with any other card apart from the Ghana Card.

Yes, TIN is very important. It will get increasingly difficult to get certain services without the taxpayer’s identification number. If you want to start a new business in Ghana, then a TIN should be your priority.

Kindly comment below and tell us if we’ve succeeded in simplifying the taxpayer identification number process as we’d hoped. Do share this article and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog.

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