How to withdraw money from Western Union in Ghana

Western Union was initially known as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. It was established in 1851 as a way of drawing people close to one another. The brand offered services that relayed messages amongst friends and family from coast to coast.

Having built quite a goodwill, the company branched into wire transfers in 1871. Subjecting to International exchange control regulations, Western Union provides a convenient, fast, and reliable means of remitting funds to and from anywhere in the world.

By 2000, Western Union had established over 50,000  agent locations internationally.

Western Union has thus become the best option for family and friends to stay connected from any part of the world, thanks to the ease with which money can be sent and received.

Western Union is beneficial because of its awesome benefits.

Firstly, the sender or receiver of the money does not need a bank account to access Western Union services.

Per the value of remittance, the sender is required to pay a fee to Western Union so the receiver needs not to pay any money to receive the money transfer.

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Competing with Money gram, PayPal, Xoom, and e-gold, Western Union is highly trusted for having a reputation that has stood the test of time.

Having established itself in over 200 countries, there are more than 240,000 agents at one’s disposal should you need to send or receive money anywhere.

Using Western Union in Ghana is one of the fastest and reliable ways of receiving money without stress. Your familiarity with the steps will make it simple and straightforward for you.

Keep reading to discover the steps for receiving Western Union Payments in Ghana.

In Ghana, only a few banks offer Western Union services. You can walk into the branches of the United Bank of Africa (UBA), Fidelity Bank, Access Bank Ghana, National Investment Bank, and FNB Bank Ghana.

Your funds can equally be cashed out at any post office closest to you.

Note that all Western Union payouts are in US Dollars.

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Requirements For Receiving Western Union Payments In Ghana

Once a friend or relative sends you money through Western Union, please have the following necessities with you before approaching a Western Union Agent.

  1. An original and a photocopy of your identification card
  2. This valid identification card could be a voter’s Identification card, Passport, Ghana card, or This.
  3. Answer to the test question (this should be provided to you by the sender of the money)
  4.  The Money Transfer Control Number
  5. Your full name
  6. Your address
  7. Your telephone number
  8. Originating country(the country the sender is in)
  9. Expected amount(that space can be left blank if you don’t know the exact amount you’ll be receiving?
  10.  Sender’s Full name
  11. Sender’s telephone number/address

 The StepsOnce you have all these, you can request a Western Union payout slip where you provide all the above-mentioned information.

Attach the photocopy of your identification card to the payout slip and hand it over to the teller or agent for processing.

Your cash will then be paid to you in a few minutes.

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The company has always had a soft spot for human services, health, education, and improvement in the standard of living. This is why Western Union prioritizes sponsorship programs to give back to the societies in which they do business.

In the United States and other parts of the world, Western Union has donated over 40million US dollars to charity organizations to aid wanting communities.


While Western Union runs a very profitable business, its aim has always been to provide great customer services.

In less than ten minutes of a sender doing a transaction, you as the receiver are eligible to walk into any branch of the banks mentioned or a post office to cash out your money.

Western Union is fast, reliable, and convenient. If you are looking for a more secure way to receive money from outside Ghana, then Western Union is a good choice.

We hope this article provides you with just as much information as you need to cash out that Western Union payment.

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