” I bought $100,000 couch on accident”-Lady cries uncontrollably after she bought couch worth $100k

A lady instantly regretted it after she bought a couch worth $100,000.
The lady identified on Instagram as @quenblackwell said she bought the expensive couch by accident.
According to the lady in a self-made video, she shared on her IG page, she bid for the couch detailing her credit card details.
She said she turned to stone when she saw the withdrawal message on her phone.
The lady cried uncontrollably as she pleaded with the public to make donations for her so she can get her $100k back.
Watch the video below:


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One Comment

  1. She is likely lying. Most credit cards have a spending limit cap. VERY few people have a cap above $100k, and if they do, they are very rich, so if this did actually happen, she can easily afford it.

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