I saw this girl on Snapchat and I am feeling this way-Man reveals

I saw this girl on Snapchat and I am feeling this way-Man reveals

I recently gained interest in Snapchat, I added several people and use it when I am bored.

I realized Snapchat is actually a place to pickup girls, well that’s not why I am there, I have my babe.

Yesterday I saw this very fine young girl, she was dancing cheerfully on her snap, no lies I actually like her smile, but since I have engaged my babe I have decided to stay away from other girls, even if I hadn’t the girl looks too young for my liking, she looks like someone in her 19 or early 20. I am 27 and girls of that age range don’t really look appealing to me, some times when I see them I just imagine my youngest sister or my babe youngest sister, so the thought of getting down with them irritates me.

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I decided to chat this girl up, I asked her how she is doing, but since I know a lot of girls on Snapchat are there for hookup, I told her I am want to hookup with her, to my surprise this girl agreed for just 7k!!! I felt really bad, I didn’t want to judge her, I just felt if she can allow us become friends I can talk to her. I told her I am not interested in having sex with her but I will like to know her maybe we can be friends, she’s just like my sister and her smile is very very charming.

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Then she stopped replying to my messages, after some time, when I quit Snapchat and went to do other things I found out she has blocked me.

Growing up people that I didn’t know has helped me before too, when hope is lost, just because they like me, I feel I should do same to others too. Although I am not rich, but saving a soul like hers should not be too difficult for me.

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I feel really bad for her, she is still very young and very pretty there are still things she can do with her life. This morning I am starting to feel bad about my approach, I could have made her come to my house and talk to her maybe she can listen to me. I really wish she knows the way she’s trending doesn’t pay at the end.

By: Kimjogun

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