I saw this girl on Snapchat and I am feeling this way-Man reveals

I saw this girl on Snapchat and I am feeling this way-Man reveals

I recently gained interest in Snapchat, I added several people and use it when I am bored.

I realized Snapchat is actually a place to pickup girls, well that’s not why I am there, I have my babe.

Yesterday I saw this very fine young girl, she was dancing cheerfully on her snap, no lies I actually like her smile, but since I have engaged my babe I have decided to stay away from other girls, even if I hadn’t the girl looks too young for my liking, she looks like someone in her 19 or early 20. I am 27 and girls of that age range don’t really look appealing to me, some times when I see them I just imagine my youngest sister or my babe youngest sister, so the thought of getting down with them irritates me.

I decided to chat this girl up, I asked her how she is doing, but since I know a lot of girls on Snapchat are there for hookup, I told her I am want to hookup with her, to my surprise this girl agreed for just 7k!!! I felt really bad, I didn’t want to judge her, I just felt if she can allow us become friends I can talk to her. I told her I am not interested in having sex with her but I will like to know her maybe we can be friends, she’s just like my sister and her smile is very very charming.

Then she stopped replying to my messages, after some time, when I quit Snapchat and went to do other things I found out she has blocked me.

Growing up people that I didn’t know has helped me before too, when hope is lost, just because they like me, I feel I should do same to others too. Although I am not rich, but saving a soul like hers should not be too difficult for me.

I feel really bad for her, she is still very young and very pretty there are still things she can do with her life. This morning I am starting to feel bad about my approach, I could have made her come to my house and talk to her maybe she can listen to me. I really wish she knows the way she’s trending doesn’t pay at the end.

By: Kimjogun

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