I seriously need advice as soon as possible – Confused heartbroken lady


A young lady who is confused and needs advice as soon as possible has taken to social media to pour her heart out.

According to the lady, she left her ex because of his cheating behavior and now he wants to come because he has seen how happy she is in her new relationship.

She said, she is confused and don’t know what to do because everyone around her is advising her to go back to her ex.

Read her post,

Please I need your advice and pardon me for my grammatical errors.

I have been dating my now ex boyfriend since 2016, but I discovered he is a cheat towards the end of 2017, I told her sis about it, her elder sister informed their mum.

The mum and his sis scolded him and reassured me to be patient, I even reported him to his best friend, despite everything he never change. This keeps happening almost every month, new girl new month, but her friends and relatives keep repeating same thing.

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The mum, sis and his friends keep saying I am the main girl, that I should be patient.
this guy cheated till the extent that he dated my boss daughter, my colleagues at school, even my church members.

And if I ask him why he is acting that way, he will say “I don’t know, I need prayers”…whenever I tell him I am no more interested, he will say he knows I can’t leave him, that if I go, I will surely come back to him, he doesn’t feel remorse about his actions. I even fasted and prayed for him but he doesn’t turn a new leaf. His attitude affected my life, my mental health, even my grades at school.

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I told him towards mid of last year that I am no more interested, I even informed his relatives about my decision. Since then have not been in touch with him. His mum keep calling that I should come and see her so that we can reconcile, I refuse.

Earlier this year I met another guy, we started dating, things are going pretty well between us.
My ex realised that I am now happy without him, he keeps calling and disturbing me that he is ready to be serious, that we should get married next year.

I later discovered that it’s one of my friends that told him about my new relationship, all my friends keep asking me to go back to him that cheating doesn’t mean anything as long as it is from a man.

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There’s a cousin who’s older than me that I always see as role model, I told her about it, she also asked me to go back to my ex, because it’s been long I known him, and because a man is a cheat does not mean anything. That men are scarce, do I know what the new guy is going to do?

I am really confused right now, I am happy with the new guy, I noticed a lot of changes in my life, I don’t have reason to overthink or feel depressed, this new guy care about my future, achievements and greatness, all his words and behaviour is all about how am going to be successful.

Please someone should advice me.

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