An unknown white man who is trading his path in Ghana has said if the indigenous in the country will be truthful, no one would have thought of traveling outside.

One of the main reasons why most Ghanaians are not able to establish businesses in Ghana is because most of the citizens are dishonest. Some people are even selfish to the existence that they overprice their commodities.

According to the said white man who is fluent in Twi, he has learned a lot from Ghanaians since his arrival and truth be told, Ghanaians are dishonest.

He complained about most Ghanaians are dishonest people, adding that if Ghanaians were to be truthful in their dealings, no one would have thought of moving outside the country for business, hustling or health care.

He noted that Ghana has a lot of money to develop the country but the citizens are untruthful.



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