Born John Mensah Sarbah who is a barber by profession has shared his story of how he decided to go for money rituals just to impress his boyfriend.

According to him, he decided to date his girlfriend after working with her for years and when he decided to talk to her about marriage, the girl, who he refused to mention her name rubbished his marriage proposal with the reason that he is poor.

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He said: She told me that I had no money so she can’t introduce me to his parents.”

Well, John said the girl’s assertion triggered him to go for a money ritual to impress her so that she will finally accept to marry him.

“To impress her, I decided to go for the money ritual. The mallam told me bring 5000 cedis, a white sheep and he asked me to eat a full chicken without chewing,” he revealed.

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He continued that all the requirement the mallam requested before giving him the money rituals was beyond his reach and so he resorted to scamming people just to raise that money.

“I scammed with military recruitment protocol he revealed.

However, after going through hell to raise the money, the mallam told him that the gods have rejected the money.

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They paid and I gave it to the mallam but it didn’t work. He later told me my spirit does not like money so it won’t work,” John added.


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