Is it right for a ‘boy friend’ to ask his girl to search for a lady for him to marry?

Is it right for a 'boy friend' to ask his girl to search for a lady for him to marry?

“this is my 1st time of posting here. pls you guys should bear with me…
i and my guy have known each other close to 9years plus….
we both started as normal friend then we grow to become lovers… its all started in the year 2011 when i was admitted in the hospital after battling with life nd death it even resulted to coma but God in His infinite Mercy restored me back to life. after every every it affected my 2 ears � i can’t hear properly…

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so dis my guy on the other hand,has been there for me through out even to the extend of visiting when i was in the village.. he had scarify alot for me. financially, he even contributed in buying “hearing aid” to improve my hearing,and many things he has done for me which i cnt mention here cause of long epistle…

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he has try in his own power for my hearing to be restored but all to no avail…..
now this my guy has started planning to settle down he told me dat we can’t be together as husband nd wife dat i should allow him to go for my kid sister unto say i have physical challenge i said no dat it cant be possibly. he now say since i refuse to oblige on his requested dat we 2 should separate. he even said with the level of love he have for me,that

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i should bring any girl of my choice for him to marry…….
so my question, is it Right for to ask me to look for a girl for him to marry?…..”

By SpecialNwa

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