I’ve slept with over 150 men - Hookup girl reveals she gives free sex if the man is good in bed

Being in the business for 11 years, Hookup girl, Korkor has disclosed that she has slept with over 150 men, and shares the misfortunes that come with the trade.

Speaking with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Korkor confessed that she began after JHS in 2009. Even though it was not known as hookup back then, it is the same trade. According to her, peer pressure led her into the act.

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“While in school, my friends lived a lavish lifestyle so I was curious about it. So I started going out with them and eventually I became a hookup girl,” Korkor narrated.

As time went by, she moved to Tema to continue her trade even though she has been working. Korkor explained that “it is a risky business but I have to do it to support the family. My mother has been ill for a while so I have to cater to her.”

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Korkor added that she has met lots of men; some become good friends while she has a ‘friends with benefit’ relationship with others.

“Some advice to stop but I have not got what I want. I can’t stop yet unless I get 30,000 Cedis. Sometimes I give free sex if he is sweet, but the friends with benefit do not have to be only sex. Some even get me job interviews,” she said.

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Kindly watch the full interview below;


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