Jade Jordan Biography and net worth

Jade is a true definition of unapologetically being oneself. You could also say that she is the poster girl of “do what you love”. Jade Jordan is an adult actress.

She was born on the 24th of May 1996 in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

The African American joined the adult industry six years ago after what you’d call long and hard thinking. Although it was a profession most people would frown upon, Jade took it with pride as you’d later find out from the latter part of the article.

Every profession takes hard work and consistency to be noticed but the Pornographic industry begs to differ. With talents being discovered every minute worldwide, it tends to be a struggle to make a name and keep it even for a month.

Nobody takes time to notice this but getting famous in the Adult industry has nothing to do with beauty or how well of a “dicking” you can give or take. Nobody knows.

However, from Jade Jordan’s journey to fame, we would learn that the blend of consistency and hard work is good. But loving what you do makes it a plus.

For six years, Jade toiled day and night until she got quite famous months ago. She is well-deserving of this considering her dedication to her work videos.

The 5 feet ‘6’ adult actress is into men and women. She is a top trending actress currently on Pornhub with other top players like Addison Rae, Gina Valentina, Liya Silver, etc.

Jade Jordan could be deemed as being in the prime of her career. The 256 videos on her verified Pornhub account are proof. The secret to being successful in this industry relies on how your videos are posted and how interactive one gets with fans.

Usually, the mentality people have about these professionals especially the women is unseriousness. People assume that they lack moral values which is why they do what they do for the money.

Jade Jordan however has changed the narrative. Quite interactive on social media, the adult actress on Twitter isn’t the woman we think porn actresses are. On Twitter, she is soft-spoken and wise. Her posts motivate her thousands of followers. Regularly, she’d make a long post talking about her perception of life which is usually deep.

In a Twitter post, with regards to people thinking that others think too deep, Jade writes ” In reality, we don’t think enough! Life is way more than we see on the surface! It’s simple, yet has many layers. You have to question what you’re looking at, not accept at face value. Investigate, dig deeper, and see the truth. No conformity”

Her post makes her followers feel that the actress started her professional journey aware of what she was signing up for.

The 25 years old adult actress who lives in Naperville has a YouTube channel that she was dedicated to. She kept posting beautiful videos consistently with her partner.

On this channel, Jade Jordan doesn’t pretend to be who she is not. She proudly shares her day-to-day activities with her subscribers.

Jade doesn’t share much with the media on her personal life, but she is more open on her YouTube channel considering she gets to decide what she puts out there and whatnot.

With regards to her job, she gives out professional tips and how to join the adult movie industry. The dos and don’ts. Mostly, Jade intends to make sure nobody made the same mistakes she made climbing up.

Currently, it is unclear how much Jade Jordan is worth but she lives quite comfortably. If she wasn’t making any money, only passion wouldn’t have driven her this far.


One thing apparent about Jade Jordan is how conservatively she dresses in her pictures. The African American chocolate-skinned queen is either decently dressed or naked. Nobody knows why but it seems that she intends to make it clear to her fans whether she is working or when she’s not.

From Jade Jordan’s story, what have you picked from it? Comment and share your opinion.

But maybe, you shouldn’t focus on being “good”. Focus on being “you”.

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