Lady finds Notes draft outlining her behavioral problems when she was a teen in her dad’s iPad

A lady has gone viral and sparked debate on TikTok after posting her father’s notes about her behavior while she was a teenager to the platform.

The video, posted by user @ally.munch, shows text written on the iPad Notes app, with points like “Mom and I feel like we don’t know you” and “VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!”

“I literally used to get in so much trouble,” Ally writes in the video’s caption.

At first, TikTokers were captivated by the stories that must have inspired certain bullet points.

“Ok but what did you do to julia and Haley,” inquired one user.

Many others similarly pointed to the ominous sounding “facebook incident.” As one user wrote, “We need to know what the Facebook incident was.”

Ally elaborated on this incident in a later video.

She also shared more information about the Julia and Haley incident. While she can’t remember what exactly occurred, she recalls that her mother drove her to their house to apologize on their front lawn.

No matter what inspired these notes, some users claimed that this was evidence Ally’s father really cared about her.

“Be grateful to have a dad who cares about you and wants the best for you,” wrote a TikToker.

“This is a caring parent, even if the execution was harsh,” agreed another user.

Others observed that, while many of the notes were critical, her father still took the care to write the things he appreciated about Ally.

“I like that he listed the ways he was proud of you,” shared one commenter. “I’m a new dad with not great role modeling and hope I can pull this off and still be the best dad.”

Ally agreed with these users in a further video posted to her TikTok.

“My dad is quite literally the best dad in the entire world,” she says in the video. “I was a delinquent child, so that talk was necessary.”

Still, a few TikTokers were critical of the parenting methods on display in the video. Specifically, many pointed to part of the notes that implied both parents were reading through Ally’s communications.

“‘Mom and I feel like we don’t know you’ ‘What’s stopping you from coming to us’ *next line – Goes through all communications*,” observed a user.

“What’s with the crazy helicopter parents these days,” asked another.

But no matter their previous troubles, it seems that Ally’s relationship with her father has gotten better.

Now, she says in the comments of the first video, “I talk to him every day.”

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