Hilarious! Lady narrates her experience with a ‘hungry’ man


Twitter user identified by her handle as @Drmuzoic has narrated her experience with a ‘hungry’ man who claimed he was putting her to test.

According to the lady, the first day the man visited her, he came alongside with 2 other people and she served them breakfast, he repeated the same the next day and requested Spaghetti, which she gave him.

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On the third day, he requested bitter leaf soup and when she objected, he said he was only trying to rate how best she would make a good wife.

She wrote:

“Just remember one of my experiences in Abuja with a guy. First day he was to visit my house, he requested for breakfast. Oga arrived with 2 other people😳😳😳. I served them.

2nd day, he requested for spaghetti, I prepared it for him.

3rd day, he called and requested for bitterleaf soup. I was like, “what exactly do you see me as”?

Oga: “that is how you people will be failing small wife material test”.

Me: “Oga no vex o, I dey find husband but no be like this”.

Men and brethren, na so I borrow myself brain before they turn me to restaurant.”

Lady narrates her experience with a 'hungry' man

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