Man in total shock after discovering his online girlfriend of months turns out to be his best friend(Video)

A man was left in total shock after meeting his online girlfriend only to realize that his online girlfriend of months is his best friend.

Apparently, the man’s best friend who had feelings for him decided to create a fake account and chat with her best friend online depicting a different personality.

According to the lady she had feelings for the guy but she realized she was not his type of girl because of the way she looked.

The man said he was annoyed at the whole incident and admitted that he had feelings for ‘Jasmine’, his online girlfriend who turned out to be his best friend adding that the trust he had for her best friend had broken.

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He added that his best friend should have expressed her feelings towards him than faking online.

The lady apologized to the man for faking just to win his heart. However, the pair decided to give each other another chance first by building their trust once again.

The video was shared on TikTok by user @oobahs(Oobah Butler) with the caption: “Guy’s Online Girlfriend of Months Turns Out To Be His Best Friend ”

Watch the viral video below for more:

@oobahs Guy’s Online Girlfriend of Months Turns Out To Be His Best Friend #foryou #catfishuk #fyp #mtv ♬ original sound – Oobah Butler


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