Man narrates how a friend made ¢130K to buy brand new car with just ¢1K after selling ticket to brainwash people on how to become rich overnight 

An unknown man has taken to social media to narrate how a friend of his made a whopping sum of ¢130K with just ¢1K.

According to the man, his friend had used all his money on a building project in Trasacco, leaving only just 1K on him.

He said his friend wanted to buy a brand new car but since he had no money, he mapped a strategy and got ¢130K in just a single.

Read his story below to know how it all transpired.


1. A friend in Accra had saved only GH₵1,000 in his bank account. That’s all he could save in 2021. He had invested huge monies into his 6-bedroom project at Trasacco and had only GH₵1,000 remaining. Meanwhile, he wanted to buy a Brand New Car which costs about GH₵100,000 (1 billion old cedis). Mission, obviously, impossible.

2. He called me one morning and said, “Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, I will raise money from FOOLS to buy the car in two weeks time. Just watch me”. We laughed. Though I know there are fools around, I didn’t know they have car-worth amounts of money. Well, I watched on.

3. About 3 hours later, he uploaded a new picture on his WhatsApp and Facebook DPs. The picture was a flyer he had designed on an upcoming seminar he was organising, dubbed, “Masterclass: Strategies for Becoming Billionaire/Successful in 2022”.

4. He used the GH₵1,000 to rent a Venue. He sold tickets at GH₵145. 950 people bought tickets and attended the programme. In the end, he cashed in GH₵130,500 (950 people × GH₵145). This is 1.3 Billion old cedis. After the seminar, everybody walked home with “motivation, strategies, ideas, theories and stories” and my friend walked home with 1.3 billion physical cash. End of the game.

5. He called me the next day. “Counsellor, I’ve made the money from my FOOLS, let’s go to the garage”, he said. In fact, we are presently at the garage as I type this message. Car is paid for. He’ll start using it in 2022. If you are one of those who attended the seminar and you see him riding his new car in town, know that you are one of the FOOLS who contributed to it.

How to Stop Being a FOOL in 2022.

1. You ankasa, what makes you think the billionaires in Ghana want you to become a billionaire too? Oh, so you think Despite wants to raise 200 more ‘Despites’ and Kennedy Agyapong also wants to raise 250 more ‘Kennedy Agyapongs’. Ei, brother! If they want to do that anka they’ve done it a long time ago, and obviously, with the people/workers around them, not with a stranger like you. Stop chasing “billionaire strategies” in the seminar room wae na nobody will hustle for 20 years and come and teach you all the “secrets” in 2 hours. Gyama woyale.

2. A rich man who genuinely wants to teach you how to become a billionaire will not put you in a seminar room. He’ll rather give you a start-up capital. Have you ever watched the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge on TV? In the challenge, young people present and argue out their business proposals and the winner is awarded 1 billion to start a business? That’s how rich people raise people to be rich too. If any man collects your money before he “teaches” you how to be successful, BEWARE, he’s a fraud, scam.

3. Start respecting and placing value on “little money”. Many of those who attended the seminar thought that GH₵145 is no big deal. Meanwhile, my “smart” friend was able to raise a whooping GH₵1.3 billion because he accumulated GH₵145 from 950 people. Note that it is the accumulation of the little thousands that turns into a billion. If you keep squandering your little thousands anyhow, you won’t accumulate a billion. Thing is, rich people have PLENTY accumulations of “LITTLE” monies. Start the same culture of saving little monies and stop jumping from one seminar room to another in search of “success strategies”.

4. Insist on value for money. Unless you are giving to charity or giving to support a friend, make sure every paid-programme you attend comes with demonstrable value- a value you can demonstrate. Are you aware that the 950 who attended the seminar could have given the ticket money they wasted to a seamstress, hairdresser, mason, carpenter or a computer person to teach them one practical skill, say, sewing a t-shirt, braiding rasta, Microsoft Excel, etc? In fact, there are some practical training that costs less than GH₵145. But, of course, they are fools. They rather chose to spend it at a seminar to listen to stories and theories.

5. If you must attend a seminar or workshop, make sure it comes with a Certificate. At least, you can put such Certificates on your CV to make it ‘heavy’ and stand a better chance of securing you a job or promotion at the workplace. Right now, all the 950 people left the seminar with no practical skill or certificate to show for it. They have no evidence in skill or certificate to prove they attended a seminar. What a waste of GH₵145. Interestingly, they have been brainwashed to believe the seminar has impacted them with “multi-million dollar ideas”. Well, all what my friend did was to download motivational rhetorics from YouTube, embellish them with some quasi real-life stories and sell it to the people. These are the people he calls FOOLS.

My friend is driving a Brand New Car.

The 950 people are sweating in the sun thinking they have “multi-million dollar ideas”.

Welcome to 2022!
Counsellor Daniel Fenyi


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