Marcia Harvey Children: A Look at the Lives of Marcia Harvey’s Twin Daughters, Brandi and Karli Harvey

Marcia Harvey
Marcia Harvey

Marcia Harvey Children

Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey have two children together, twin daughters named Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey.

Brandi Harvey

Brandi Harvey was born on August 20, 1982, and is a lawyer, public speaker, and activist. She is the Founder and Director of the Beyond Her nonprofit organization, which focuses on empowering young women and girls.

Karli Harvey

Karli Harvey was born on August 20, 1982, and is a television personality, host, and executive producer. She is the Co-Founder of the “Young, Fit and Fly” lifestyle brand, which encourages people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Both Marcia and Steve Harvey’s daughters have followed in their parent’s footsteps and have become successful in their own right. They are also actively involved in philanthropy and have worked with their mother on various charitable initiatives, including the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men.

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