Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell: Everything To Know About Their Unbreakable Bond

Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell
Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell

Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell were both iconic figures in the entertainment industry. Jackson was a legendary musician, singer, and dancer, while Campbell is a world-famous supermodel and actress.

Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell

The two had a close friendship that lasted for many years. They first met in the late 1980s, when Jackson was at the height of his fame and Campbell was just beginning her modeling career. They quickly bonded over their shared experiences in the public eye and their mutual love of music and fashion.

Over the years, Jackson and Campbell were often seen together at public events and parties. They also collaborated on several projects, including Jackson’s music video for “In the Closet,” which featured Campbell as his love interest.

Their friendship was not without controversy, however. In 1993, Campbell was called to testify in Jackson’s defense during his trial on charges of child molestation. She testified that she had never seen Michael Jackson engage in any inappropriate behavior with children and defended him as a kind and gentle person.

Despite the ups and downs of their friendship, Jackson and Campbell remained close until Jackson’s death in 2009. Campbell has spoken fondly of Jackson in interviews, calling him a “kind and generous” person who was always there for her when she needed him.

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