My husband has threatened to marry his married side chick after what I did to them – Woman cries out

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A married lady is urgently seeking helpful suggestions to deal with a situation, which if not properly handled, may end up making her husband take another wife.

The anonymous lady said she found out that her husband of 15years, was having an amorous affair with another married woman and decided to alert the woman’s husband with proof of their illicit relationship.

Her action led to the woman being chased out from her matrimony home and back home, her own husband didn’t come home for two days after the side chick told him what his wife did.

Upon returning home, the woman said her husband told her that his side chick has been chased out of the house by her husband and threatened her that if the husband refused to take her back, he would have no choice but to take her in as a second wife and also adopt her child..

Read her story below!

My home is tearing apart. I made a nas_ty and silly mistake 
Last week, I don’t know what came over me. I picked my husband phone and checked all his messages. I got a clue of a side chick and saved the number. I got her Facebook account, connect with her husband and send him messages warning him to tell his wife to leave my husband. He told me I am a liar and I sent all the proof I saved from my husband phone to him. 
My husband did not come home on Monday and Tuesday and did not pick my call either. I told his family and they reached out to him. He came home last night to announce to me that the husband of the lady I reported sent her out and he has no choice than to secure a place for her. He told me frankly that he never planned to marry two wives but if the man refused to reconcile with her he would have to marry her and adopt her only son. 
My marriage would be 15years soon, I have never see my husband so bitter and angry like this. I am in a serious trouble. I don’t even know what to do. 
Please I need advice, you can post to the group but hide my identity. Thank you ma

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  1. She should contact the husband of the unfaithful woman, if he is interested in her, divorce her husband and marry him.

    2 the husband of the unfaithful man must purchase a gun ready for further action on the other man. Hahaahaaa lol.

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