‘My wife complained my penis was too big, so I had 1.5 inches removed’-Man shockingly reveals

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Calling in to an Australian radio station, a man has shared the lengths he will go to improve his sex life with his wife – and it includes having surgery to reduce his penis size.

A caller to an Australian radio station has made the shocking confession that he had his penis size reduced so that his wife could find sex more enjoyable.

Men’s penis sizes are often the subject of sex-related gossip, but it’s far less usual for a wife to complain that her husband’s member is “too big”.

But now, an Australian truck driver named Dan has revealed that his wife asked him to consider getting a reduction, before he duly obliged.

Dan had been telling Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson – of Australia’s KIIS FM breakfast show – how he usually has sex once a week with his wife but was looking to improve his sex life.

“I even had the penis chopped down a little bit, made it a bit shorter,” he confessed, stopping the hosts in their tracks.

Kyle responded: “What happened? You’ve made your penis shorter?”

Dan confirmed that he’d had surgery on his genitals, after his wife had complained that his penis was “too long, too big”.

“So I went and had an inch and a half taken out of it,” he admitted.

Struggling to take it all in, host Jackie O questioned whether the truck driver could simply just “not go in all the way” while he and his wife were getting down to business.

However, both Kyle and Dan agreed that this was not a feasible solution, saying: “Once we’re in, we’re in.”

Absorbing the information, the hosts pressed the caller on the details of the surgery, and asked him how long his manhood had been before the operation.

Dan explained that he had previously been 10 inches long and, recounting the grisly details of the surgery, described how the urologist would disconnect his penis at the top, before removing a section and re-assembling it.

The hosts were impressed. “This is commitment,” expressed Kyle. “I’ve never heard of that in my life.”

“He should be getting it every day, he’s really gone above and beyond,” Jackie added.

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