New survey shows 60% of NPP supporters are unhappy with where Ghana is heading


According to the January 2023 report by Global Info Analytics, significant majority of people affiliated with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) are unhappy with the way the country is headed under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo.

The survey shows that 60% of the close to 6,000 voters sampled say they disapprove of the direction the country is heading to.

Also,71% of the entire sampled voters affiliated to both NPP and NDC said the country was heading in the wrong direction under the current government.

The findings which was published on the Facebook page of Global Info Analytics also found that Akufo-Addo’s approval rating has somewhat improved from 26% in October 2022 to 32% in January,2023.

Similarly,the president’s disapproval rating declined from 69% in October 2022 to 59% in January of 2023.

“National Opinion Poll Governance & Elections January 18th, 2023 Report Summary,” the findings further showed that 59% of the people sampled for the poll said NPP cannot win the next election or “Break the 8”, as the party calls its drive to stay in power beyond eight years.

Only 24% of voters said the party can “Break the 8” , while 17% expressed no opinion on the matter. A total of 5,844 voters were sampled for the poll with a confidence level of 99% and a margin of error of 1.74%, the pollsters explained in the “Methodology and Approach” section.

“The sample size was allocated to all the regions based on total number of voters in each of the regions as per the EC 2020 register,” Global Info Analytics said in its executive summary of the report.

The poll was conducted between December 31, 2022 and January 15, 2023.


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