Inside Opoku Ware School: A Look into the Prestigious Institution’s Academic and Cultural Legacy

Opoku Ware School

Opoku Ware School is a prestigious all-boys boarding school located in Santasi, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The school was established in 1952 as a memorial to Asante King Opoku Ware I, and it has since become one of the most renowned schools in Ghana.

Opoku Ware School offers a rigorous academic curriculum, including a variety of subjects such as science, mathematics, social studies, language arts, and more.

The school is also well-known for its strong sports program, with teams in soccer, basketball, rugby, and other sports. Additionally, the school places a strong emphasis on discipline, leadership, and community service.

Opoku Ware School has produced many notable alumni, including politicians, academics, and business leaders. The school’s motto is “Esse Quam Videri,” which means “To be, rather than to seem to be.”

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