Photo of holy tree which has visible ‘female and male sexual organs and reportedly mends marriages’


A photo of a holy tree in Murang’a, Kenya which has visible female and male sexual organs has gone viral after being shared online.


An instructor at Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine located in Murang’a County, cradle of Agikuyu community, said the magical tree known as Mukoe is a cross-pollination of Muhumo and Mukuyu tree that has a picture of human’s male and female sexual organs.

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The instructor said;


“As can be seen, a full-blown female organ appears on the right side of the tree while the male organ sleeps on the left.”


He also said that part the tree’s juice is a cure to so many conditions and ailments. The instructor added that the juice is also vital in mending marriages.

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He added;

“You need to take a glass of this tree’s juice two times and you will see positive results.”


According to the instructor, the shrine is proctored 24/7 in order to protect the tree which is on high demand for those who know its secrets.

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