Police Officer buys crutches for a disabled street beggar


A video going viral on social media sees an unidentified Ghanaian Police officer showing some kind gesture to disabled a man on the streets is quite touching and fast trending.

The video sees a disabled street beggar sitting by the roadside, begging for alms when a Taxi pulled-up showing a young police officer removing the clutch from his taxi and handing it over to the street beggars

The beggars were as usual at the roadside begging for alms when a Taxi pulled-up.

A Police officer alighted from the taxi, went and opened the door to the back seat of the car and removed the crutches.

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He then moved to the street beggar and asked him to chose the crutch that’ll best work for him.

From the video, one can see the beggar with all smiles as he walks with the walking-aid for the very first time.

Watch the video below…

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