Any politician who could not afford a taxi fare when in opposition but now own mansions and cars should be investigated – A Plus

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Ghanaian political and entertainment activist, Kwame A Plus has suggested that any of the Ghanaian politicians who now own mansions and a fleet of cars but could not afford the fare of a taxi when in opposition should be investigated.

According to the loudmouth celebrity, the CID should carry out thorough investigations into the lives and daily activities of any politician who is now enjoying life at the highest level but was extremely poor when in opposition.

Kwame A Plus opined that the reason behind his submissions is that anybody who could not even afford to board a taxi for his or her rounds when not having power should live the same old life when in power.

Anything aside from his expectations is fishy and therefore needs to be questioned.

Kwame A Plus’ submission follows after one of the NDC politicians stated in an interview that any individual below the age of 30 should be investigated if he drives expensive cars.

Below is his post;

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