Politicians don’t care killing to come to power – Kennedy Agyapong laments

I had over 1 Million dollars when I was at the University-Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has slammed fellow politicians who use unconventional tactics to arrive in and maintain power.

According to him, there are politicians who will kill their fellow human beings if that is what it takes to get power.

GhanaWeb monitored comments he made when he was interviewed on the July 6, 2021 edition of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana talk show.

“Politicians are also part of the problem because they don’t care killing human beings to come to power but the Bible says: ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his life?’”

He expressed disgust at such politicians who he said acted as though they were not going to die themselves: “You want to come to power, so you kill brothers, sisters because of power? And when they are talking like that, they forget that one day they are also going to die,” he added.

He had earlier in the programme slamed the media asserting that the kind of reportage that some of them churn out on sentitive national issues could plunge the country into a state of war.

Asked whether he was concerned about the security situation in Ghana as has played out recently, he replied: “very concerned, about the media. I have always said that if Ghana will go to war, if Ghana will be destroyed; it will be from the media. The comments they make.”

“Typical example is the case in Ejura, a brother kills a brother and it is reported out there that #FixtheCountry advocate has been killed because he was talking about fixing the country,” he submitted.

Agyapong said, he was in Turkey when he read the news of Kaaka’s death, adding, he felt bad about the supposed political reasons reported by the media, “… until I came back to Ghana and I got to know the true story of it. Who is causing problems?

“Other people have died because of false reportage, we are all losing the facts because we are not looking at where the problem started. The problem is from the media,” he stated adding that it was the reports that infuriated the youth to protest leading to more deaths.

“We have to be careful in this country, the way we give information especially with social media. I don’t write anything, I don’t have time,” he added.

Agyapong, however, said he will mark the state of Ghana’s security as nine over ten because compared to other countries mentioning especially Nigeria, Ghana was in a state of peace and security.

He slammed the main opposition National Democratic Congress, submitting that, the party had no legitimacy to comment on Ghana’s security situation because they are notorious mismanagers of security whenever they were in office.


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