Poverty can make you think a boyfriend who doesn't give you money doesn't love you-Man tells Ladies

A man has rubbished the claim that men who don’t give their girlfriends money are stingy.

According to the Twitter user identified as Shadaya Knight, being poor can make a woman believe that her boyfriend doesn’t love her because she doesn’t give her money.

The man wrote on Twitter:

“Poverty can make you think a boyfriend who doesn’t give you money doesn’t love you”

The man’s assertion has garnered mixed reactions on the popular social media platform.

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Do you agree with him?

See some of the comments below:

@UDeinfluence; Poverty is making a lot of women stay with extremely abusive men because they are rich. The same behavior they’ll never tolerate from broke men

And it’s only after the relationship is over that they try to “expose” them

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@Mvulazane4; Imagine having a boyfriend who doesn’t give u anything while ur friends get everything, why would u stay with such a man and he calls u a gold digger, I wouldn’t ask but I wouldn’t stay either.

@DEsigNeRclots; And even if they get tht money thw same poverty wil make them buy useless things with that whilst losing out big time on their womanhood

@MuchengiT; Allow me to address you with a title SIR ,thanku for such gospel you are 1 in a million ….no matter how much they try to bring you down you rise , I salute u wamhamh keep nailing the truth , its high time the b….s know the situation on grnd ,life aint a competition

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@MTawomhera; Respectfully…you can never understand the struggles of being a woman… Simply because you’re not!



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