Sarkodie reveals why he married Tracy Sarkcess

Sarkodie reveals why he married Tracy Sarkcess

Ghanaian rapper,Sarkodie has revealed why he married Tracy Sarkcess.

According to Sarkodie,the reason he married Tracy Sarkcess was because he didn’t have any reason.

Speaking with South Africa’s biggest podcast platform,Podcast and Chill, Sarkodie said:

“The reason why I knew it was her was because I didn’t have a reason.And today I keep telling that I have my spec, every guy has that.It wasn’t that about her,you don’t know why you just want to get to know the person.

For a long time,I think she went out to live in Germany,I lived my life,she lived her life.She came back and reconnected.It was a funny situation because She was back and I had the biggest heartbreak that same year.So I was really into the music just wanted to get it off made me go through hell.I was coming from the studio and I heard she was back in town and she was hanging with the guys.

You know these guys everyone wanted to get to her so anything she says whether it’s funny or not they laugh for no reason.And I came as a hustler and she was like Michael you look grown and I got mad. You know when you are starving everything sounds like an insult.

She was shocked because she thought what she said shouldn’t have warrant that.Funny enough that was got her and she wanted to apologize and the apology turned into what you guys are seeing now.”

Watch the video below:

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