A young guy took to social media to seek help after a lady he met on a bus is disturbing him after he took her number.

Below is his post,

I’d try to make this short.

Background story: I met this lady I met on my way from Lagos to Ibadan, we sat next to each other in the bus, along the way we started talking(I didn’t initiate the convoy as I wasn’t really ready to talk/chat. But we conversed anyways, she was to stop at the bus stop that leads to UI( I’ve forgotten the name, she’s a UI student) but followed our bus to Iwo road and stood by me until I boarded Ife bus, on our parting I made this mistake of exchanging phone numbers with her.

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Now here’s the problem guys, ever since that day we exchanged numbers(it would be exactly two weeks tomorrow), her calls & IM messages have peaked above 300(no exaggeration) she’s now my daily alarm. Two days after we met, she proposed her love for me, I told her that I’m not in and gave her my reasons, but she won’t stop.

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I blocked her early this week and she begins to call me with her friend’s line, I have to unblock her. Last week, she told me she wants to come around to Ife by the weekend, I declined, now the same thing is happening presently. After declining again, she’s threatening me that she would come to Ife tomorrow, that I wouldn’t want her to get hurt by not seeing her, I blatantly told her NO, but she’s been pleading and crying

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Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this before, I like the girl in question, but I don’t love her, more so, I’m not looking for any relationship at the moment.
Please what can I do to send her away forever? I’ve tried my best but she’s not yielding

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