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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Should You Suspect A Partner Who Hides His Phone Password?

You love each other. You’ve probably seen each another at your lowest and you’ve shared several intimate moments. But does this mean you should share the password to your phone?

Many relationships are on shaky ground due to the issue of password sharing, but is it really that big of an issue? Let’s talk about it.

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Is it a sign that they’re not to be trusted?

When one person refuses to share their password, the other partner may see it as a sign that the secretive partner is not trustworthy. But there are some legit reasons why someone may choose not to give their partner this access. Think about it, you probably have conversations with friends and family in there that you’ll prefer to be kept private. And really why do you need his password? And why does he need yours.

Should You Suspect A Partner Who Hides His Phone Password?

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Not having your partner’s password in itself isn’t a problem. It’s how it’s interpreted. If you need it and you have a good reason, ask for it. If he says no and gives you a legit reason (like he likes his privacy) respect that and take his word for it. The fact that you even have to ask for it and fight him to get it (or vice versa) shows that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

You don’t need to have his password to make your relationship work. If you can’t be secure in the relationship unless you have his password, then maybe it’s time to end things because there’s obviously a deeper problem. Every relationship needs a healthy dose of trust to survive, and if you don’t trust each other, then you shouldn’t be together.

Should You Suspect A Partner Who Hides His Phone Password?

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Is it wrong to look through your partner’s phone?

kindly use the comment box below, let’s hear your thoughts.

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